Hello, We are RoboCore
A virtual store, developer and manufacturer of boards and kits
and also organizer of robotics events
RoboCore was born in 2005, through the creation of a robotics competition (which we continue to organize today) with the aim of encouraging the development of new technologies. In 2010, to promote events and help teams, we started importing and manufacturing parts for use in robots. Realizing the existing demand in the market for robotics parts (not just for use in competitions), we specialize in the development and manufacture of parts for automation and robotics in Brazil.
Our Mission is

Develop technologies in a creative and innovative way, through viable and easy-to-use solutions. We encourage robotics, programming, automation and IoT as a means of improving knowledge, enhancing teamwork and awakening interest in children, makers and even those who have no knowledge in the area.

In order to offer quality and an affordable price, here at RoboCore we manufacture boards and teaching kits using the do-it-yourself concept.

We invite you to take your first steps into the amazing world of robotics and automation!
Our differentials

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